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My Philosophy and Treatment

With a balanced body we have the ability to heal ourselves and maintain good health.

Many people think that chiropractors deal only with skeletal problems using manual therapy, a popular term being "cracking the back", but I prefer "adjusting the spine". Yes, many chiropractors only adjust the spine and achieve good results. I, too, use traditional chiropractic techniques to deal with back problems; however, I also use soft tissue techniques to compliment my adjusting. I'm a certified practitioner of Active Release Technique (ART), and I also incorporate trigger point massage to deal not only with back conditions but also injuries to all parts of the body. I treat a wide range of conditions that can be categorized as either sudden onset (acute), a prolonged condition (chronic) and also patients who want to maintain their current state of health. 

If we strain the muscles or joints in our bodies we have the ability to heal these conditions over time. However, if after a few days there is no change in the symptoms then it’s time to make an appointment to see me. I treat the condition and the body does the rest. The length of time it takes to heal and the outcome of the care depends on many factors including: the length of time the condition has been around (acute or chronic) and the overall health of the patient. Diet, exercise, posture and stress levels also play a large roll in recovery and prolonged health. My role is to facilitate the healing process, educate my patients in their health and the responsibility to manage their health with diet, exercise and monitoring their stress levels. 

In summary, I believe that as a chiropractor I facilitate the natural healing process in the body by using traditional chiropractic techniques and soft tissue techniques such as Active Release Therapy, listening to the patient during examination and treatment and working with the patient to achieve their health goals.