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Natural Remedies For You This Winter

Every year we dread the coming of winter months; knowing wholeheartedly that once temperatures start to drop, the consequential influx of colds and flus runs rampant. When this season hits, it’s important to remember that some of the most simple precautions will help us stay safe in the long run.

The Good Science Behind Sleep

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Sleep is more than the blessing that accompanies a rare nap or the nightly hunker-down - it’s a crucial element of life.

Don't Ignore Your Core!

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When we go to the gym, we usually don’t find ourselves thinking about the unseen benefits of getting fit. This is especially true when it comes to our cores. We tend to look in the mirror and, rather than imagining the incredible positives like improved sport performance or better posture, we picture a set of washboard abs. A toned core has many physical benefits that are felt more and seen less, which add incentive beyond physical appearance to this New Year’s resolution!

The Anti-Inflammatory Diet

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At first glance, inflammation doesn’t seem harmful to the body at all, given the benefits observed through Acute Inflammation. However, chronic inflammation is being linked to the food we eat. 

Why You Should Stay Hydrated This Summer

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As we fall into the lap of July on the high winds of Summer, we often don’t find ourselves thinking about how much water we’re drinking on a daily - or even long-term - basis. Our mornings tend to be crazy and caffeine-ridden, bustling around town to the beach, work, or shuffling the kids to and from summer camp. The hydration of our bodies is the last thing on our minds during those spare moments in between life’s mound of responsibilities - a fact that is more detrimental to our health than we realize. 

Summer Healthy Eating Tips

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Summer is fast approaching; and with all the gorgeous weather we’re experiencing lately, barbeques, beach days and outdoor vacations are right around the corner. With how busy our lives get during this time of year, it’s often hard to stick to our healthy living goals.

Dr. Wensley's Ideas for Earth Day

Dr Wensley Earth Day Healthy Tips

Earth Day is on April 22nd. Did you know the average Canadian has a carbon footprint of about 5 tonnes per year? Keeping the Earth healthy is just as important as keeping ourselves healthy, luckily there are plenty of ways to do both at the same time!

Are We Taking The Flu (Shot) Too Seriously?

Are we taking the flu (shot) too seriously? It’s a question posed in a recent article in the Globe and Mail by medical experts Richard Schabas and Neil Rau that interested Dr. Wensley. Here are some facts to take into consideration: