Your New JANE Patient Features

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This blog post will be outlining some of the new patient-aimed features that come along with our new booking software, JANE. We have now been using JANE for a couple months, and are excited to finally announce the ways that our patients can use it, too! JANE is a very intuitive program that aims not only to make our lives easier, but to make your experience as a patient one of simplicity as well!
Your Patient Account
The primary patient feature is the JANE patient account. Just think of it as your patient file, now with login access! This profile is your main hub for any/all subsequent features that you can use in JANE. There are two ways you can create an account with JANE: through the sign-up email sent by us, or by accessing our online booking site and registering on your own. However, we ask that if you are an existing patient, please create an account through the sign-up email only! If you create an account without the sign-up email, JANE will not recognize that you already have an existing patient file, and create a whole new one. Signing up through the email lets JANE know that your login credentials are to be paired with your patient file. Less work for us, less confusion for you! However, with this new account, there are some protocols that we ask our patients to follow. Here’s some things we’d like patients to keep in mind as you navigate using JANE’s features:
Online Booking
With your new JANE patient account, you now have access to many things, including our online booking site! This means that you can check our availability (right down to the appointment) whenever you like! However, we’d like to point out a few things to keep in mind when using this feature:
• Although the name of the site suggests otherwise, we do not allow patient self-booking. The online booking site is a “browse-only” feature, and we ask that you please call to request your desired appointment time.
• We reserve the right to deny your request for an appointment time if we feel it will compromise the integrity of our schedule. Most of our appointments are subsequent 10-minute visits, and it becomes increasingly difficult to stay on time when we have multiple back-to-back patients! To accommodate this, we will not schedule more than 6-8 patients in a back-to-back block without a space of 10-20 minutes before the next block patients is scheduled to begin. We value your time and do not want to inconvenience you by being terribly behind because of over-booking. It is with this in mind that we ask for your cooperation!
• You will also notice that there are 3 different appointment types between the two offices: A Private Assessment, a Private Treatment – 10, and a Private Treatment – 15. The Private Assessment is universal to both offices. The subsequent Private treatments with the endings – 10 and – 15, are not. Here’s why:
The Private Treatment – 15 is specific to the Pender Island office. Dr. Wensley plays the dual role of practitioner and receptionist while on the Island, and therefore needs time in between appointments to facilitate booking and billing. The treatment itself is still 10 minutes, but with an added 5-minute buffer to provide Dr. Wensley with the time he needs after each patient. The Private Treatment – 10 is specific to the Victoria office; as Dr. Wensley doesn’t have to worry about facilitating booking and billing himself, and therefore can remove the 5-minute buffer from his appointments. 
When you are viewing the Victoria schedule, click to view our availability for a Private Treatment – 10; and use the Private Treatment – 15 for Pender, respectively. This will provide an accurate view of the time slots we have available.
Cancelling Online
The new JANE email reminders no longer have an appointment confirmation feature; instead they now prompt patients to cancel their appointment online if they cannot make it. You can also access these feature through your JANE account if you need to cancel before the email reminder comes out. We encourage patients to use this feature, but would request that you please give us a call following your online cancellation. This helps us reconcile the empty patient slot that was once filled by you! We are very excited to offer these new features to you as we move forward in our usage of JANE. Please don’t hesitate to contact reception if you have any questions regarding your account. We look forward to using JANE with you!